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Our aims at harnessing people’s opinion using AI to accelerate the growth and success of any business or individual.

About Us

OpinionOwl is a company which aims at harnessing people’s opinion using AI to accelerate the growth and success of any business or individual. It is a startup based out Bangalore filled with professionals who has decades of experience in digitization and related service. We are a team with decades of rich experience in both software development and managing business of various corporates. The team constitutes expertise of IIM and premier institutes like BITs Pilani.


OpinionOwl is survey/opinion and digitization of businesses. We will consult our customer and charge for our consultation. If the customer is willing to take our services, then we help them to achieve that.

Vision Statement

Provide the power of opinion for compelling insights and propelling growth to businesses.

  • The small and medium businesses turn over lesser than 1 Crore Rs in domestic market looking for digitization and strategy formulation of their business for growth.
  • Individuals with political influence or political parties as a whole looking for digital brand building and campaigning.
  • Govt/NGOs looking for surveys/opinions and end2end digitization of their business.
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Mission is the core purpose for which a person, team or organization is created.

  • Critical success factors Aim is to make the small and businesses to harness the capability of digitization process.
  • Searching out key opportunities.
  • Resource allocation choice.

Propel the growth of small and medium businesses through a closed loop of digitization and feedbacks.

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Our Services

Surveys and Opinions

Surveys and opinions are the most important form of feedback management of any business. OpinionOwl will offer a variety of opinions and surveys.

People Powered Data for Business

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Digital marketing and branding

AI powered platform which processes all the feedbacks and surveys and gives real time information with lot of customization.

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