Forming the vision of a company is most critical part of any startup which the company and its colleagues must be aware of.

What business OpinionOwl is in?

OpinionOwl is survey/opinion and digitization of businesses. We will consult our customer and charge for our consultation. If the customer is willing to take our services, then we help them to achieve that. What business we are not in? We do not sell any manufactured tangible product to any end customer.Instead, we provide them software and consultations/recommendations with some sort of well documented digital artifacts agreeable to customer.

Who are our customers?

OpinionOwl serves wide variety of customers  The small and medium businesses turn over lesser than 1 Crore Rs in domestic market looking for digitization and strategy formulation of their business for growth.  Individuals with political influence or political parties as a whole looking for digital brand building and campaigning  Govt/NGOs looking for surveys/opinions and end2end digitization of their business.

What contribution OpinionOwl will do to society?

 Helping people to increase their digital media presence and grow.  Do better and effective business through strategic thinking  AI powered feedback management.

What Product and services OpinionOwl will offer?

Opinionowl will basically offer 3 major offerings.