Staffing, Consulting, Web application development, Digital marketing and Branding

Digital campaigning and brand building

 Website and mobile application creation  Handling social media platforms  SEO  Digital Brand building (businesses and individual)  Digital campaigning of elections How is it distinctive and unique? I. AI powered platform which processes all the feedbacks and surveys and gives real time information with lot of customization. II. Single platform to formulate/ implementation guidance for business strategy. III. One stop solution to all your digitization of business.

Surveys and opinions

Surveys and opinions are the most important form of feedback management of any business. OpinionOwl will offer a variety of opinions and surveys. There will be an AI based engine which automatically gets insights from these feedback and opinions and give a better insight of the positioning of any business.

Below are the surveys and opinions that OpinionOwl will solve.

I. Opinions polls (both digital and physical)  Opinion polls  Opinion gathering II. Surveys (on any topic both digital and physical)  Customer Satisfaction  Customer loyalty  Event Surveys  Employee Engagement  HR surveys  Social surveys  Electoral surveys  Concept Testing III. Analytics

People Powered Data for Business

I. Product Tests II. Real World Missions  Find local opportunities in your area.  Feasibility study of any business based on local conditions. III. Business Strategy consultation
  • Competitive analysis
  • Industry analysis
  • Generic Strategy formulation, validation, implementation